Verena’s personal connection to her beads invariably weaves its way into the creative process. Which bead with which pendant, stone or other component will be combined, is decided intuitively with a fine feeling for form and colors. Every piece so created is unique with its own energy and story to tell.

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Often clients just intuitively pick a particular piece because there is something special about it that speaks to them – a color, a stone or just an overall reaction that magically makes them feel drawn. At Verena’s jewelry shows, it is not uncommon for lively discussion to occur where two clients happen to be interested in the same piece… however, there has never been a true disagreement since, in the end, every creation is unique and really only suits one individual. Verena seeks to relate to her clients to discover just what connecting element will bring that certain “wow” effect to the piece. The result is often surprising as sometimes new and unusual colors and shapes emerge that have never really been seen before. For Verena, it is important that those who wear her jewelry pieces have a personal connection to them. The pieces are meant to accompany the clients both for every-day and special occasions.

When I find myself in my artistic process, I am always fascinated by the multitude of facets the various pieces have. The different cultures associated with each jewelry piece give me feelings of happiness and passion. I then imagine that my creations will give the future customer feelings of joy and self-confidence – with their new jewelry they will go through life with more levity and buoyancy. I pour my heart and soul into each jewelry piece. Therefore, I am delighted when I have the chance to personally meet my clients. I do not want to mass- produce, rather, I want to produce jewelry that has a special energy and meaning to the client.

Through my jewelry, I try to bring out the client’s inner beauty and show her how jewelry can accentuate and thereby emphasize the different aspects of her personality. The most beautiful gift for me is to see the glitter in the eyes of these wonderful people as they make their way back home with their new favorite piece of jewelry. I then like to imagine that the positive energy that went into the creation of the piece has now made its way into the lives of my clients. I delight at the thought that somehow, in this way, I can be part of their life.

- Verena -

The real-life stories of the artists creating the beads are Verena’s inspiration and elixir – always cloaked in mysticism as never will we know the whole story behind the artists and their craft. One thing is certain though, all beads and components come from all five continents. They are represented in Verena’s voluminous collection which is kept in her workshop before she spins them into her next creation for you...

In collecting her beads and components, Verena tries to go to the actual source and thereby promote local craftsmanship – often these are not well-known artists or jewelers but, rather, small family businesses or community projects which often have a charitable purpose. Thus, most of the beads or pendants have an individual character and a very personal energy which the artist transmits into the piece during the creation process...

Some things start early in life without knowing at the tie what will come of them...

Beads made of various materials have had an alluring effect on Verena since she was very young. As a child she was fascinated by their beauty – as a teenager she was intrigued by their origins and how they were created. Many opportunities to search for and collect beads have arisen during Verena’s numerous trips to foreign countries and intercultural exchanges. As a result, her beads already have a long journey behind them and a story to tell.

I grew up in Hannover (Germany) and Hartford (USA), have lived several years in various different countries and now reside in Munich. Discovering other cultures and worlds was and has always been an elixir of life for me, which brings me energy and inspiration for my creative process. I am fascinated by the variety that other cultures bring into our lives and how these encounters and contacts enrich us. I also try to capture these numerous beautiful and intense experiences through photography, another passion of mine (Verena Photography).

My jewelry is displayed and available for purchase in exhibitions, stores, at events, fund-raisers and in my workshop in Munich. For the next event, please look into my website under: Jewelry Shows, fundraisers and shops. For a personal jewelry consultation in my studio, kindly contact me directly.

I would be delighted to meet you in person. Please feel free to contact me. I am happy to arrange a personal jewelry consultation where we can discover together whether I have or can create the perfect piece for you, a friend or a loved one... You are also welcome to bring along jewelry you never wear so I can create a new piece for you.

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